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Support Group Of The Year 2009 Wessex Urology Support Group
Support Group Of The Year 2009
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Welcome to the Wessex Urology Support Group (WUSG)!
There are approximately 11,000 urostomates in the UK with an average of 2,000 new ones created each year.
Wessex Urology Support Group (W.U.S.G.) offers help, advice and support to all Urinary Diversion Patients.

Our aim is to relieve, assist and help any person suffering from any condition that directly or indirectly affects the bladder and in particular those persons who have undergone, or are about to undergo urological surgery for urinary diversion in the area of Wessex and to improve their quality of life and that of those who care for them. Bookmark this site and add it to favorites

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Summer 2015
W.U.S.G. is wholly run by voluntary workers and is virtually self-supporting financially. If you would like to make a donation Please Click Here. The group organizes many social events and meetings, where representatives from the medical companies introduce new appliances. We also produce a newsletter for all members.
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The support group is managed by an Executive Committee elected by the membership and has a President who is a consultant urologist.
W.U.S.G. was formed in June 1998 by Wendy Burns and Ella Hampton and has members from all ages. Membership is currently 10.00 per annum.
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